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Ohio Valley Austin Healey Club
  Serving Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky
Monthly Meetings
   Meetings are the 2nd Monday of the Month unless indicated - 7:00 PM 
   Family, friends and guests are always welcome!

   January 2019:       
   February 2019:     Skip & Joan Jackson's  
   March 2019:          Wallace               
   April 2019:             Hall's & King 
   May 2019:              Grabow's
   June 2019:             Porada / Bacon
   July 2019:              Cox
   August 2019:         Picnic at Wolfer's
   September 2019:  The Loos's - Ft. Thomas  Ky
   October 2019:       The Parrots-Bonfire - Bethel OH
   November 2019:   Jacob's
   December 2019:   Klein's @ St Mattias hall
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​August OVAHC Meeting Minutes 
Thirty-five members attended the meeting on Sunday, August 11 at the Wolfer home in Alexandria, KY. President John ran through the 2020 meetings. None for January again due to winter weather and no business: February Jackson, March Wallace, April Ballinger, May Grabow, June Julie and Rob King, July Cox, August picnic Wolfer, September Lindauer or Loos, October bonfire Duffey, November Jacobs. The 2020 Christmas party was subject to club vote. (see below)
Next John went to nominations for Officers for 2020. Dale nominated Jeff Porada and John Jacobs for vice-president. (applause) John Jacobs nominated Jake Jacobs for delegate. Several officers were willing to relinquish to a new person if anyone would step forward. No one did, so the rest of the slate remained the same. Nominations are open until the September meeting ends. Then they will close and become official.
President John went through the OVAHC funds disbursement input from the members that he and President Jeff collected. John asked for four votes to narrow down our options.  
The voting results: The winners are in Bold.
1. For how to spend funds, 3 choices and 2 votes. 5 points for 1st place vote and 2 for 2nd place votes 
Buy Club Tools: 148 total points (26 votes for 1st) Charities: 72 total points (8 votes for 1st) and Stipend for show registrations: 18 total points (no votes for 1st) 
2. Charities: 17 votes to give to both David Kreuter and DMH Fund, 9 votes Kreuter only, 4 votes open to other charities, and 2 votes DMH Fund only. 
3. Meetings: 14 votes to increase meetings $25 and special events $50, 13 votes to increase both by $50, 5 votes no change, and 0 votes for a formula based on attendance.
4. Future Xmas party, OVAHC gets a room reserved at a restaurant and members buy their own dinners, or status quo: 22 votes for a local restaurant, and 10 votes for no change from the present system.
President John thanked Chris and Donna for hosting. (much applause) President Jeff and Editor Mary Ann were away. Vice-Presidents John and Lauren, Historian John Parrott, Business Manager Jake, and Membership Sandy had no report.
Secretary Dale reported a correction to his July minutes. The sentence: “The AHCA’s national secretary, Ann Jones has health issues. She requested that her position be filled by a new person.” was incorrect as pointed out by Jerry Spurlock. It should have said: “Ann Johnson withdrew herself from consideration for the 2017 AHCA secretary position.”  
Treasurer Cindy reported the 4 drivers’ training sessions in 2019 with 40 paid drivers gave us $1001. (applause) The extra buck was a tip! Debit for $150 for the picnic and our balance is very good. Cindy passed out new OVAHC business cards.
Delegate Don discussed the AHCA membership directory. Some folks use it when they drive their Healeys around the country for help. The book will return in 2020 after the computer breakdown this year. Don had an AHCA financial report available to read. Sad news, Anne Johnson from Texas passed away recently. Hazel sent a card on behalf of OVAHC to her husband, Mike.  
Activity Activator Skip reported some members went to the Dayton British car show. Ben and Bernie won awards of excellence. Skip had his engine blow up on his MGA a mile away, after the show ended. Skip read a postcard for the Jackson, Ohio British Car Day on September 1. Skip asked Kurt Niemeyer to speak about the Bellefontaine Hill Climb weekend in August. It starts Friday 8/23. He ran down the complete schedule. Our club will host the Gymkhana on Sunday morning, 8/25. We are asking for volunteers from our club. Activities other than rallies are available, such as shopping, sightseeing, wineries, and dining. Friday morning, August 23 is the OVAHC caravan from Bob Evans in West Chester to Young’s Farm for lunch, and then to the Marysville Honda plant to start the Bellefontaine, Ohio weekend. For any Deadwood Conclave or activity questions, contact Skip. 
Tech Director Tim reported there was a good tech session at Scott and Eileen Brown’s house for various tasks on Tim’s 3000. John Wallace got his Healey back from Zakira’s Garage. Skip will need a session soon for his engine work. Call or email Tim if you need to schedule a session. 
Old business: none
New business: John and Janet Parrott announced the bonfire is Saturday, October 12. Contact them to say what your food side item or dessert will be. Tim Ross wants to check into new OVAHC badges for the front of our Healeys. He wants two types. One with bolt holes and one with threaded studs attached to the back. Motion to investigate it passed.  
Dale announced that Cindy has a new plan for paying 2020 dues, specifically those who pay online. Pay AHCA $50 dues online but send Sandy an OVAHC $15 dues check or pay your local dues at a meeting. With the previous plan, paying AHCA $65, OVAHC does not receive our $15 membership portion, nor are we informed you paid your dues and are a current member, until months later.  
President John thanked Donna and Chris for hosting. (applause) The next meeting was scheduled for the Loos home in Fort Thomas on September 28. (Secretary note: 2019 OVAHC September meeting will be moved to the Lindauer home in Union on Sunday, 9/22 by consensus due to multiple officer scheduling conflicts. Dinner for 9/28 at Pompilio’s is canceled.) Meeting details will be published in the Newsleak. John then adjourned the meeting.
Submitted by OVAHC Secretary
Dale Ballinger "at your service”.



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August Meeting Minutes

​Green BJ8  in " Every one wants to rule the world " 
May 2020 ...................................................................................... Conclave 2020 Crystal River, Florida
​  Like Blackberrys,  Cobbler  ?  Come out to Pratt's Berry Farm and get fresh Berrys of all types !

September 6-11- 2019 .................................................................. Conclave 2019   Deadwood, South Dakota


August 23-25 ...................................................................................... Bellefontaine Hill Climb revival
 (  https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/bellefontaine-hillclimb-revival-sports-car-preservation-ltd-804583 )                                                                                                          

December  7 ........................................................................................ Christmas Party at St Matthias Hall


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