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Ohio Valley Austin Healey Club
  Serving Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky
Monthly Meetings
   Meetings are the 2nd Monday of the Month unless indicated - 7:00 PM 
   Family, friends and guests are always welcome!

   January 2021:        Zoom Meeting
   February 2021:     Skip & Joan Jackson's  
   March 2021:          Wallace               
   April 2021:             Ballinger
   May 2021:              Grabow
   June 2021:             King's & Hall's
   July 2021:              Cox
   August 2021:          Wolfer's
   September 2021:  Campbell
   October 2021:       Lindauer
   November 2021:   Jacobs
   December 2021:   TBD
                                                                   Activities  Calendar                                            

August OVAHC Meeting Minutes 
Thirty-one members attended the August picnic / meeting on Saturday, August 21 at the Wolfer home in Alexandria, KY. President John Wallace called the meeting to order about 2:00 PM and thanked Chris and Donna for hosting. (applause) Vice-President Jeff, Tech team director Tim, Activity Activator Skip, and historian John Parrott were away. The Presidents, Vice-President John Jacobs, Secretary Dale, Membership Sandy, and Editor Mary Ann had no report.
 Treasurer Cindy’s report: Since the 7/10 Cox meeting credit of $57.50 for split-the-pot. Debit of $33 to Cindy for postage stamps, $200 for the Wolfer picnic. President John asked Cindy about our cash flow. She said we are spending about $900 annually more than we take in. The two 2021 drivers’ training had income, and Lauren’s split-the-pot is helping. The 2022 September Roundup may show a profit as in years past, too. It looks like our flow is manageable at this time. Tech team still has $2,272 and our overall balance is good.  
Dale filled in for Activity Activator Skip and went over the upcoming events. President John asked for a winery tour and Dale came up with one for Wednesday, 9/8 in Indiana. Denny Lindauer is planning a Kentucky wine tour, so stay tuned. Thursday, September 30 is the start of the OVAHC caravan to Roundup at Mohican State Park hosted by Mid-Ohio AHC. President John also asked for an overnight Healey excursion and Jerry and Charlene Cox delivered another for this October. You are invited to visit Hocking Hills for 2 nights 10/11& 12 driving home 10/13. The Christmas party is planned for 1:00 PM at The Pub in Rookwood Commons on Wednesday, December 8. Check the Newsleak and its calendar for details. For all other activity questions, contact Skip.
Delegate/Business Manager Jake reported the two OVAHC drivers training sessions were successful. However the September session will be canceled due to our core workers going out of town and the pastor’s request. For next year Jake will approach Live Oaks again. But if anyone has any other lead, contact him. The delegates voted to introduce a new AHCA dues membership process. It will be an interactive web site and give us better overall access and service. The 2021 AHCA rosters were delivered in the summer. The AHCA requested we do a better job of informing the USPS of your address changes, especially “snowbirds” so they don’t waste Healey Marques. The Healey calendar asks for a $250 donation to the DMH Fund for your car photos to be included. If you want in it, the backlog is two years, so do not delay.
Scott filled in for Tech team director Tim and said he helped Bernie with his turn signal problems. Scott purchased a Gunson Trakrite toe-in alignment tool for the club. This tool (ball bearing pad) is placed inline with a front tire and then the Healey pushed forward over the tool. You read the results, adjust the tie rod bar and repeat for both sides. Scott said it worked on his Healey to eliminate steering pull, wander, and shuttle shake. Now the steering wheel is straight and if he lets go, it remains true. A motion was made to reimburse Scott, seconded, and passed. This is now in our tech team arsenal. As a reminder our tech team works for coffee and doughnuts at 9:30 in the morning and Coors light and pizza after noon. Call or email Tim if you have questions, want to join in the fun, or need to schedule a session.  
John Wallace noted that as far as Healey history, Don Klein was nice enough to bring a 1984 Healey Chatter and old photos for us to peruse. It included a report on the Snowshoe, West Virginia Conclave with some interesting photos. Additionally it said that Ken Kreuter was first in the gymkhana and Don Klein was second nationally.  
Old business: Co-chairwomen, Rosalee Campbell and Lauren Wallace displayed samples of the gear from our 2022 September Roundup supplier. They had hats, long and short sleeve shirts, and knit shirts with the OVAHC logo at the meeting. They are in the process of creating a “OVAHC Store” with www.rpdiamond.com out of Loveland, OH for your on demand purchases of OVAHC logo items. The target is October for sales to commence. If you have suggestions for certain items from the rpdiamond.com site you wish to purchase, please contact the chairwomen to have the items included in the “OVAHC Store”. You will be able to choose your size, color, pay for them with $10 shipping per order (any quantity), or pay first and then pick up the items in Loveland without a shipping fee. And next year it will include September Roundup Covered Bridge theme show gear. Chris Wolfer created the logo for the September 2022 Roundup and was given credit by Lauren. Rosalee also showed her new “save the date” 2022 show page which we will take to the Mid-Ohio Roundup this September. The flyer photography was by Scott Brown. The Healey belongs to John Parrott and John 



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August Meeting Minutes
​Green BJ8  in " Every one wants to rule the world " 
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                                                PHOTOS of Conclave  -  Https://Dropevent.com/Conclave2019
August 28 2021 ............................................................ Bellefontaine Hill Climb revival
 (  https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/bellefontaine-hillclimb-revival-sports-car-preservation-ltd-804583 )                                                     PHOTOS at   www.jlofoto.net                                                                                                         
September 15 ............................................................. Retired Old Men Eating Out  1:00 Back Porch Saloon
                                                                                         9626 Princeton Glendale Rd.  ( 747 )

September 18 Saturday ............................................ Meeting atJohn & Ashley Jacobs  kick tyres 1:00 meeting 2:00
                                                                                                                       ( Details in Newsleak )
September 15 Wednesday ............................................................................. Healey Hotties Lunchen (  Ladies ) 1:00
                                           RSVP  Hazel or Pat Duffey                      ( a week early this month ) Back Porch Saloon
                                                                                                           in a different section than the Romeos